Bicycle Tour Guide Opportunity

We are looking for pedicab drivers to work in downtown Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Do you know someone who has recently graduated from school or have a friend looking for great part time work. We have fun meeting new people and love to work outdoors while making hundreds of dollars a week in just a couple of hours a day.

Pedicab drivers

Why is pedicabing such a great job?

-You make your own hours and only work when you want.

-You work outside and get great exercise.

-You make cash money everyday. Drivers can make $150 to $300+ a day and up to $500 on holidays and special events.

-You are your own boss! As long as you follow the city rules you make your own decisions and operate as you see fit.

Who does well as a pedicab driver?

-Personality, Personality, Personality. If you like to talk and have a good attitude you will make big money.

-People who enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

-People that hate having a boss and see value in freedom.

Think this is for you? Give us a call or text and we will set you up for an interview.

Pedicab, bike, part time, full time    Call 561 288 4611 and leave a message and we will call you back.


Upcoming Ride Events

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